Atlantis Spiritual Centre


Atlantis Spiritual Centre is  a modern community centre for like minded people, who have a shared interest in inner development and healing.

Lynn Saunders founder of Atlantis since 2012 and her team are committed to making Atlantis a relaxing, calm, peaceful and inspiring venue.

Many wonderful workshops, inspiring classes and fascinating events are on offer as well as support groups and counselling services.





Atlantis is a haven of love and a space where you are invited to meet like minded people or just relax in the beautiful chill out rooms.





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Trusted Tarot Readings and other Readings


The Tarot helps you make clear decisions about relationships and life situations. At Atlantis we provide both Tarot readings and learn Tarot courses. At  Atlantis we also specialise in Oracle readings, Rune readings,  Mediumship readings, Angelic readings and Chakra readings










   Guided Meditation


              Connect with a deeper part of yourself


Guided meditation is held at Atlantis every tuesday and thursday practitioners are encouraged to connect with deeper aspects of themselves as they are guided through meditative journeys.




Coffee and Compassion support group


Help with the difficult subject of depression and support for stress and grief


Our coffee and compassion support group has just kept growing as we offer community and support for the often difficult subject of depression. we also have support if you happen to suffer from stress. or if you suffer from grief at the loss of a loved one.





The Shaman Way Is The Way Of Nature and Healing

Our shaman tribes are growing in number as each individual learns to connect with nature and their inner selves and bring healing to themselves and others.




Healing Classes and Sessions

Atlantis spiritual centre we offer Healing sessions and in many forms and disciplines they include shiatsu with the amazing Ofir. Crystal Healing, spiritual healing, Reiki healing plus many many more.



psychic development and mediums


Learn How To Develop your inherent Psychic abilities and Work with our Mediums


We hold classes to develop your psychic abilities such as psychometry and dowsing aswell as mediumship contact and training.





Address :  Atlantis Spiritual Centre, Browns Garden Centre, Theobalds Park Rd, Enfield EN2 9DG

Contact : Lynn on 07982 824230