Learning Tarot Course

Learning Tarot Course


One of the oldest most traditional ways of fortune telling, this mysterious pack hold 78 cards of wonder. Although I have been reading the cards for years, I never take for granted their ability to get to the heart of somebodies life. So come on a journey with us, through the major arcana and the four suits, learning the meaning of every card and tapping into the power for yourself and others.

This is a 2 day course over 2 consecutive Saturdays.

£95 per person which includes:

  • Your training
  • Your cards
  • Your Manual

After which you will be invited to our monthly tarot meets where you will learn new lays and join other like minded tarot readers to exchange readings and boost your confidence.

Within the course you will receive  a workbook with course instruction materials and descriptions of the cards. Below we have some of the keyword descriptions of the major Arcana the intermingling of human character traits and cosmic forces in brightly coloured picture art.

The Fool represents new beginnings, a leap of faith, jumping into the unknown, a new journey, challenge, or adventure

The Magician has all the tools to handle any task and be successful. on the table is all four suits portraying mastery at anything but beware over confidence. a very full life full of change and new directions